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How to Avoid Curbstoners when Buying a Used Car

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Curbstoning is a common type of fraud when a dealer sells a car with serious defects as if it was a quality vehicle. Curbstoners can facelift damaged cars to hide their issues or roll back odometers. In the end car buyers should make expensive repairs because the car turns out to be in poor condition.

There are several tips that will help you protect yourself from curbstoners:

- Ensure you are buying from a reliable seller. Remember that the name on the seller’s driving license should match the name on the car’s title. The seller of the car must be the owner. Go away from the deal if the driver’s license is out-of-state or issued temporarily.

- Check the vehicle’s VIN to reveal if it has been reported salvaged, damaged, or wrecked. Vininspect Vehicle History Report can also help you reveal faulty odometer settings.

- Ask an expert to inspect the vehicle. An experienced mechanic can reveal signs of hidden issues and find out if the vehicle is unsafe.

- Make sure that the seller doesn’t try to hide his location. Check his address and phone number; compare contact information in multiple ads. Be suspicious, if the seller’s phone number is listed for multiple vehicles.

- Do not buy used cars from odd locations, such as the side of the highway or shopping center parking lot.

- Be suspicious if the price seems too attractive. Take no risks if you feel that something is wrong with this deal.

- Ask questions. Don’t be shy to ask the seller as many questions as you need. Be curious about the reason for selling the car, its mileage, history of repairs.

If you do not take these steps to protect yourself, you can fall victim to curbstoners.

Remember that even if buying a used car seems a great way to save money, driving such a car can be unsafe. Poorly repaired vehicles are more likely to cause a serious crash. Think about it when buying your next car and double-check the vehicle before purchasing it. Keep in mind that the vehicle should not only provide the transportation, but a safe driving experience for you and your family.

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