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Learn How to Drive a Car by Playing These Driving Simulator Games

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While we all love car driving games, these are of little use for those learning to drive on the roads today. For those looking for games that will genuinely improve their performance on the road, you need a driving simulator.

The use of driving simulators to improve roadworthiness is becoming increasingly popular, to the point where even government authorities are commissioning research on its effectiveness.

If you are looking for a learning-to-drive simulator that will help you get your license, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out the best driving simulator for learning to drive on PC, console, mobile, and more. 

1. Best Driving Simulator for Beginners: Forza Motorsport 7 

If you are looking for a car driving simulator that will get you to grips with the very basics of driving on the road, then the latest installment from the hit racing series Forza Motorsport is the ideal starting point. When players enable all of the top realistic driving settings, they will have access to driving simulator software that feels realistic without being too punishing. 

2. Best Car Driving Simulator for Safety: BEAMNG.DRIVE

When learning to drive, understanding the importance of safety is an absolutely crucial first step. This is where the cult driving sim hit BEAMNG.DRIVE comes in. Available exclusively as a PC driving simulator, this came has some of the most realistic damage and soft-body physics available. If you want to learn how to drive carefully, this driving sim is the place to start. 

3. Best Game to Learn Driving on Android: Dr. Driving 2

If you do not have access to a PC or console, you might feel like realistic driving sims are not available. However, Dr. Driving 2 should put paid to that notion. This game is basically a virtual DMV test, with each session beginning with a crash-course in seatbelt and seating safety. Players must master the gears, peddles, and stick-shift in order to complete hyper-realistic driving courses, all on mobile. 

4. Best Driving Games Online: Parking Mania 2

Another hit mobile driving simulator, Parking Mania 2 is dedicated almost entirely to the dark arts of parallel parking. Since proper parking is one of the most significant challenges for first-time drivers, this game should be a welcome addition to any beginner's gaming library. Learn how to park in tight spaces, park in busy traffic, park in underground parking lots, and more, all from the safety of your living room. 

5. Best Extreme Car Driving Simulator: Richard Burns Rally 

If you are feeling confident and want to put your driving skills to the test in a virtual environment, then any long-time driving sim fan will likely encourage you to download Richard Burns Rally, one of the most hyperrealistic extreme driving sims on the market. There is an incredibly active mod scene for this dirt rally game, allowing you to customize every single aspect of the driving experience to provide the most realistic setting and in-game physics possible, from dirt rally driving to driving in the snow.  

Ensure Safe, Legal Driving Today 

Knowing how to find the best driving simulator to help you learn is only the first step towards learning to drive safely. Now that you have mastered the car driving simulator, it is time to ensure that the real car you drive is safe for the road. To do this, we have got you covered. Make sure to use of extensive VIN database to check that your car is legally bought, trustworthy, and safe for the road. 

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