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Recommendations on Buying a Car at Auction

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One of the most popular ways of buying a car at lower price is buying at auctions. If you have never been to any auction, it will be definitely a new and unusual experience for you. The advantages of auctions are that there you can find rare cars that cannot be found in other places. One more pleasant thing is that the prices are lower and not overestimated by the dealer or owner. Moreover, the auction is really great fun.

Here are some recommendations on how to make a good purchase at the auctions:

  1. Find out the information about the auctions, their reputation and working time. Examine the catalogue of cars presented on the auction. Try to get as much as possible information about the car that you like (its history, info about previous owner, repair or reconstruction details etc.) The best way to get information about vehicles is to buy an auto auction report or a full report here on our website.
  2. Verify the auction's terms. The terms and conditions can vary at different auctions. It is better to get known about them before you go and buy a car. There can be additional fees and taxes charged by the auction company that should be included in your calculations in advance.
  3. Calculate your budget. You should have an understanding of the sum you are ready to spend on the car. At the auctions, where the bits can become quite rageful it is easy to lose your head and unconsciously buy at a bigger price than you settled as maximum. It is a bad idea to go at auction with a new girlfriend as you may like to go out of your budget max line to produce an impression at a person whom you may even not see again. Also, do not drink before the auction. Stay in a clear mind. And let nothing bother you.
  4. Do not buy at your first visit. If you have never bid at auctions before, make your first visit just for watching the process of bidding. Determine where are the best seats to be well seen by the auctioneer. A good position can play a crucial role. Pay attention to the participants’ behavior. This will give you more confidence when you’ll come the next time as a buyer.
  5. Dedicate time. The most worth to visit auctions usually take place during the workdays. And visiting an auction is not a minute case. Be ready to take a day off at your work to get to the auction and not worry about urgent business tasks and calls.
  6. Arrive before the auction starts to register and take a good seat. If you’ll come late, you can miss the car that you want.
  7. Listen carefully. During the cars show, listen to the description of the car. The auctioneer can name some mechanical faults, and you will not be legible to contest if something was mentioned but you just missed it.
  8. Be ready for bidding. Besides that, you have to be well seen in the crowd by the auctioneer. You should also distinctively name the prices. Any confusion can be painful for your pocket.
  9. Winning the auction. The next step after the car announced as sold to you, you should go to the cashier and pay the deposit. You can use your debit/credit card, cheque or cash. Besides, the price itself, you may be obliged to pay a buyer’s premium to the auction company for organizational needs. After all legal issues are finished, you have a choice to drive the car personally or have it shipped to you by the auction transport service. You should be aware that storing of the car at the auctions is expensive, so it is better to decide on taking the car home at once.

Now you know that buying on the auctions is not a difficult thing, moreover, it is a great fun. However, preparations will be not useless. Whatever you do or buy do not be lazy and make a research. Select the model or models that you are interested in and compare prices on the Internet. Maybe you’ll find a car that you want even without the auctions.

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