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Top 5 Mistakes Often Made by Used Car Buyers

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Buying a used car is always a lottery unless you buy a car from your friend and can be sure of its history. If you have enough money, it is for sure better to take a new car. However, the used car has one significant advantage that outweighs all risks – its low price. Knowing the same basic rules and the most common mistakes you will be able to minimize the risks of deceit. Here are the top 5 mistakes that people often make when buying a second-hand car.

# 1 – Forget to check a car history report

The most simple and essential thing that you can do even before visiting a showroom is reviewing the car’s past by the history report. As a rule, reputable auctions and dealers take care of having such reports available and provide them on the first request. In the report, you can clearly see if the car had not been stolen, salvaged, survived hurricane, flood or accident. The report also contains such information as mileage and rebuild. Follow this link to get a report for the car you're considering to buy. Unfortunately, private sellers, as a rule, do not provide such reports and in this case, you can only lay on their honesty.

#2 – Buy without a mechanic inspection

It seems that it should go without saying that you should not pay for a vehicle before it passes through the mechanic’s inspection. Take a mechanic with you for a car show and do not have regrets about money spent on inspection instead. Such a check, in fact, can save you thousands of dollars if some serious problem will be identified in time. Big dealers often already have a mechanic inspection report for each car they sell.

#3 –Do not mind gas consumption

Selecting a car, you should clearly mind your purpose. Except for paying for the car itself you automatically sign up for everyday fuel expenses and from time to time oil change and mechanical inspection. Select a car according to wisely: you will scarcely need a gluttonous range-rover for a daily street drive with traffic jams while you can take an economic city car.

#4 – Ignoring certified pre-owned (CPO) cars

CPO vehicle is just a perfect variant for those who can pay a little more for a really cost-efficient purchase. CPO cars are used cars that were inspected, refurbished, and certified by a manufacturer or a certifying dealer and, moreover, as a rule, include an extended warranty. Though they are higher priced than non-certified used cars, the guaranteed inspection and trustworthy report are worth the expenses.

#5 – Do not compare dealers

Today even children use the Internet to find any information, so it is just impossible to ignore the pre-purchase comparison of dealers and shops in such a responsible case as car buying. Surf among websites to learn more about used car dealers, auctions, private sellers, read forums and blogs, and at all get as much information as possible until you have no questions unanswered. Always pay attention to feedback on dealers from other buyers. As you see, the mistakes often made can be easily escaped if you pay enough attention and get preparation in advance of buying a car. Though you can buy cheaper from a private seller, the authorized dealer can give you more guarantees that your deal is honest and match up to your hopes.

Vehicle History Reports
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Checking your car
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